Baby Gender Calculator v1.44

Baby Gender Calculator v1.44

Baby Gender Calculator v1.44 | 3.58 MB

This calculation is based on the date of birth of the baby's parents, to be more exact, their recalculated date of conceiving.Baby Gender Calculator Program is very intuitive and simple to use, and software is made so that its precision (that showed 75% success in testing) can be easily checked by using data about already born children and their parents.The reports you get in Baby Gender Calculator Program, can be printed or saved in HTML file.Baby Gender Calculator Program calculates periods with increased probability of conceiving male or female baby, based on recalculated date of birth of baby's parents. This method is the result of a few-decade experience of nursery personnel, and is not known as scientifically based procedure.Nature regulated in different ways that roughly equal number of girls and boys come to this world. In this theory, one of those ways is creation of some kind of inner biological clock in every man, which begins to clock on the day of man's own conceiving.

This clock is supposed to change the periods in every one of us, in which, during the reproduction process, we have enlarged ability for creating male or female descendant. These periods are being changed cyclic, and the duration of certain periods is different in men and women.When in future parents couple the periods of tendency towards the conceiving the child of one gender are matched, probability of conceiving child of that gender is significantly increased. When these periods are not in synergy, when they do not match, probability of conceiving girl or boy is 50%:50%.Apart from this fact, other facts that influence the gender of future child are known (genetical and other biological factors, specificity of nutrition) and these cannot be controlled by this software, nor can they be recalculated.This is the most important reason why this software cannot be used to determine 100% possibility of conceiving male or female child in certain period. Based on test results, probability of successful gender foreseeing using this method is roughly 75%.This method is applicable only in case of natural conceiving.In order to use this software successfully, it is important to remember that the calculation is based on supposed date of the baby's parents conceiving, and is not directly based on their date of birth.As average duration of pregnancy, most commonly medically accepted value is taken, that is 266 days from the conceiving till the birth.In practice, this means the following: If you have the information that one of the parents was miscarried or was born late, in the field of the birth date of that parent do not enter the real date of birth, but the anticipated date of birth, based on which can correctly be determined the date of his/hers conceiving. Wrong entry will certainly derange rightness of calculation.

Also, it should be remembered that the periods that are calculated in this software are related to the periods of conceiving of future child, not to the periods of baby's birth.Personally, author of this software opposes to calculating gender of the future child, but is aware that to many future parents this topic is important and he considers that, since it is that way, it is necessary to help them in the most natural way.I suggest to the future parents to, before than they apply this software for gender determination of their own future descendant, certainly do the test of successfulness of this software. Testing can be done by using data on already born children and their parents (those for whom software users own credible information). Only if you are satisfied and if you really want this, apply this method.And remember: This software has no possibility to determine future child's gender with 100% precision. It only recalculates periods with increased probability for conceiving child of one gender.Therefore this software is only an accessory mean, or even a form of entertainment. Also, it cannot be used in any way with purpose to prove or deny somebody's paternity.

· Prediction of periods with increased probability for conceiving a child of wanted gender for future parenting couples;
· Determination of fertile days during the woman’s menstrual cycle;
· Calculation of the forthcoming delivery term; and
· Determination of the date of child’s conceiving.

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