CodeGear RAD Studio 2009 12.0.3420.21218/ Delphi Prism 2009 v.

CodeGear RAD Studio 2009 12.0.3420.21218/ Delphi Prism 2009 v. | 4.1GB

CodeGear RAD Studio Professional gives you a highly productive IDE with hundreds of ready-to-use components and features like refactoring, code completion, syntax highlighting, live templates, full-featured debugging, unit testing and local database connectivity to Blackfish SQL, InterBase and MySQL. CodeGear RAD Studio Enterprise includes everything in the Professional edition plus database server connectivity to Blackfish SQL, InterBase, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, DB2, Informix and Sybase. Also included are additional UML modeling functionality and VCL for the Web for AJAX web site development.

As a platform Windows, the hardware of computers and the network is constantly evolving, and products for CodeGear Delphi and C + + is also being improved to give developers the ability to extract benefits from the changes, creating new opportunities for independent software vendors (ISV) and the creators of client / server applications based databases. CodeGear RAD Studio opens up new opportunities for developers who are interested in developing high-performance Windows-based applications with high demands on GUI, applications, working with databases, Web-applications for business, as well as seek to derive maximum benefit from improvements in hardware and the Windows operating system .

CodeGear RAD Studio provides powerful capabilities to quickly create a Win32 and. NET 2.0 applications for Windows 2000, XP and Vista, a combination of Delphi, Delphi. NET and C + + Builder in a single development environment. RAD Studio can be used to create dynamic Web applications on ASP.NET2.0 and VCL for Web with support for AJAX. You can create database applications InterBase, MySQL database and new CodeGear Blackfish SQL. You can develop applications to support Vista API and the Aero interface. In addition, Delphi.NET allows you to use parameterized types for even more convenient design.

- Enhanced support for Delphi UI Microsoft Vista Aero, including enterprise applications, Visual Component Library (VCL) and VCL.NET support for 3D effects and animation user interface, the transparency effect, the components of the dialog boxes for the files and tasks.
- Support for Delphi language to develop in an environment Microsoft. NET 2.0 (compatible with. NET 3.0) and ASP.NET 2.0. ASP.NET is a set of technologies within the. NET framework for creating Web-based applications and XML Web-services.
- Delphi for. NET support for parameterized types, allowing developers. NET to use Delphi to create and use classes, using any type of data structure as parameters.
- Blackfish SQL - the database server is completely written on the platform. NET, which supports SQL, and provides easy deployment XCopy, transaction support, and creation of triggers and stored procedures in the language. NET (Delphi.NET, C #, and Visual Basic.NET ).
- Enterprise Core Objects (ECO) IV - a powerful environment for development based on models (Model-Driven Development) for. NET 2.0. ECO enables developers to use visual diagrams to build objects, as well as linkages and logic of interaction between them, and then automatically creates and maintains the infrastructure of the database (using Microsoft ADO.NET) and the interface between the data, leaving the developer to only care about business logic and appearance of the application.
- Update the architecture of access to databases dbExpress 4 with support for ADO.NET 2.0. dbExpress 4 - is a unified solution for access to databases for. NET and Windows with support for ADO.NET, which simplifies the design and pairing desktop and client / server database applications.

Delphi Prism
* Support for the latest technologies. NET
Development environment is Delphi Prism, which is part of RAD Studio 2009, provides full support for the development of the platform. NET Framework 3.5.

* A powerful full-featured programming language Delphi Prism
With the help of modern language Delphi Prism, which is based on Pascal and Object Pascal, developers can create managed applications.

* Support the development of applications for the Mono platform, and other implementations. NET Common Language Runtime
Compile the code for different platforms, CLR, including Mono for Linux and Mac.

* Integrated development environment based on Visual Studio
Delphi Prism development environment in the RAD Studio provides access to a vast ecosystem of Visual Studio and. NET. Based on the Visual Studio Shell, Delphi Prism can work with an extensive set of plugins and components of Visual Studio.

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