Mainconcept Reference v1.6.1.35781

MainConcept Reference is the successor of the renowned MPEG and H.264 Encoders. The new transcoding application combines almost all available MainConcept codecs. It enables you to convert videos into numerous formats. The master application of MainConcept Reference comes for free and includes all codecs in demo mode (indicated by a watermark symbol in rendered video and audio limitation for certain codecs). The module based approach of MainConcept Reference lets the user decide which codec suits his demands. If the customer finds the desired codec, he only unlocks this specific codec Plug-In and the rest remains in demo mode. Still not convinced?

For years, storing digital video footage has been a big challenge because of the large amount of disk space required. Various compression methods have been created to reduce the space requirements, but often at the expense of quality. But what is the most useful format in video, production and broadcast business? H.264/AVC? JPEG2000 or DVCPRO? The new VC-1, the poular DivX or the approved MPEG standard? MainConcept Reference is the answer to this. It combines all popular codecs and renowned formats. And the user decides which formats or codecs he really needs!

The demo version of the MainConcept Reference is the base application which includes the most important MainConcept codecs in demo mode. You can test the power of the codecs the way you may already know from the popular MPEG Encoder and H.264 Encoder application, i.e. only a watermark is added to the converted clips. The available codecs are:

* MPEG-1 and MPEG-2
* H.264/AVC (Consumer Version)
* H.264/AVC (Professional Version)
* MPEG-4 Part 2
* DivX
* VC-1 (Consumer Version)
* VC-1 (Professional Version)
* DVCPRO 25/50
* JPEG2000

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