SpeedFan 4.39 Final

SpeedFan 4.39 Final

SpeedFan 4.39 Final | 7Mb

A small application that shows you fan speed, voltage and chip temerature.

The main viewing purpose of SpeedFan is to show its user what's really going in their machine. When minimized, a temperature reading is showed on the button right of the desktop. When Speedfan is in an open window you can see a whole lot more. From Fan speed to total voltage, you can view any and all of the current fans.

First of all, you have to identify which temperature sensor is which. SpeedFan strictly adheres to available datasheets for each sensor chip. Please remember that hardware monitors are chips that do have some pins (small connectors) which should be connected to some additional hardware (temperature probes, thermistors or thermocouples) in order to be able to read temperatures.

Only a few hardware monitor chips do label their connectors with "CPU", "System" and the like. Most of them use labels like "Temp1", "Local" or "Remote". The hardware manufacturers connect available pins to different temperature sensors basically according to the physical placement of components on the motherboard.

This means that the same chip, an ITE IT8712F, for example, might be connected to a sensor diode measuring CPU temperature on Temp2 and, on a different hardware, it might be connected on Temp1. If you have a "Local" sensor and a "Remote" labeled one, this usually means that "Local" is the temperature of the monitor chip itself and "Remote" is the temperature read from a "remote" probe.

When you have properly identified which temperature sensor is which, try to lower the speed of each fan and look at reported speed and temperatures. If you do not allow SpeedFan to change any fan speed and set all the speeds too low, then SpeedFan won't be able to avoid overheating.

Here are some key features of "SpeedFan":

· handle almost any number of South Bridges
· handle almost any number of hardware monitor chips
· handle almost any number of temperature readings
· handle almost any number of voltage readings
· handle almost any number of fan speed readings
· handle almost any number of PWMs

What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· added full support for Fintek F71889F, even at unusual addresses
· added support for a new method to access SMART data
· added support for SCSI and SAT hard disk SMART access
· added full support for SuperMicro PWS-865-PQ PSU
· added full support for Winbond W83795G
· added full support for SMSC EMC1402
· added SHORT and EXTENDED OFF-LINE SMART TEST in SMART tab. This feature works on a number of supported interfaces and not on all of them
· added voltage readings for Winbond W83793G
· properly read Tjmax on Core i7 based Xeons
· relabeled IT8512F to IT8512E
· the tray hint is no longer updated if ShowStaticIcon is true
· the tray icon tooltip layout is now vertical
· added Fintek F72569DG detection

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