Windows Vista Ultimate Lite CD (English)

Minimum Requirement

800 Mhz Processor,
256 MB RAM ( 512 Recommended Though, will run nice on 512 MB ,better than full Vista )
4 GB free HDD space ( for vista installation only ),
compatible graphics card if u want AERO theme working ( how ever a patch is appied to force AERO to run on unsupported graphics card, havent tested it though.),

Genuine/validation Crack:

You Wont need to find crack to activate and validate your copy. caz it will be
already validated when you see your desktop. setup will crack it automatically during
setup. you wont need to crack manually.


Installation is Fully Automated. Only one thing you will have to select is your
Partition, rather than it..u wont need to select product key,language, or any other
selection. just set back and wait till 15 mins. you will see desktop within few mins.
you have to make new installation. upgrade option is not available.

Removed Components :-

as this version is made for slower PCs and to fit it on 700 MB CD, the following components is removed from original Copy of Vista Ultimate

# Accessories #
Mobility Center
Speech Support
Welcome Center
Windows Sidebar and Gadgets [ sorry, i tried a lot to keep this..but due to space limitation i had to remove it finally :( ]

# Drivers #
printers, modems & scanners
Graphics ,sound and ethernet drivers are still included.

# Games #
all games removed

# Hardware Support #
Fax Support
Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI)

# Languages #
Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese

# Multimedia #
Media Center
Movie and DVD Maker
Sound Recorder
Wallpapers ( some wallpapers are remained yet)
Windows Calendar
Windows Media Codecs
Windows Media Samples
Windows Photo Gallery ( Photo viewer still there )

# Network #
Connect to a Network Projector
Internet Information Services
Remote Desktop and Assistance
Remote Desktop Client
Windows Collaboration

# Services #
Error Reporting
Microsoft DFS Replication
Offline Files
Volume Shadow Copy ( may be u will be facing problem with system restore service due to this )
Windows Remote Management
Windows Search ( this doesnt mean you cant search files and folders.)

# System #
BitLocker Drive Encryption
Help ( you will able to get online help though )
Microsoft Agent
Natural Language
Parental Controls
Performance Counters
Reliability and Performance Monitor
Security Center
Tablet PC
Windows Backup
Windows Defender ( useless )
Windows Easy Transfer
Windows SAT ( windows System Assesment tools, system rating wont be available for your system )
Zip Folder

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