3DMark Vantage 2009 v101 0906a

3DMark Vantage 2009 v101 0906a | 420.8MB

3DMark Vantage benchmark that combines test the CPU, VGA card, tools for determining the quality of the image.

Corporation Futuremark, well-known producer, perhaps, one of the most popular in-class test packets to measure the performance of today's personal computers and their components, has released the first update for the latest product 3DMark Vantage. It should be noted that the installation of this patch does not affect the final score tests for the different systems.

Of the new note can be able to view the result without the need to go to the network, the means to save and send the result to form Advanced Edition. In addition, advertising banners removed from all versions, as well as error messages included a button to send the information to developers. In addition, this release fixes approximately nine errors, which caused problems when testing on some systems, as well as incorrect work of the program.

The first two scenes are designed to test the performance of graphics cards. It uses two different landscapes that mimic the environment in the room, as well as open space. The most spectacular is the second scene, where the star cruiser with an escort of fighter jets bombed the planet produces a field of asteroids.

The last two tests designed to assess the performance of the CPU. Both scenes contain a large number of moving objects in different directions, in this case, small airplanes that fly to the desired path.

Officially only supported operating system Windows Vista, as soon as it is a monopoly in providing the latest hardware effects. The minimum hardware configuration is a PC based on Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 or AMD Athlon X2 6000, as well as a video card with hardware support for DirectX10. The other requirements are generally not so important, because they must meet the minimum for the operating system (more details).

Because of the high saturation of the first two test scenes, the number of frames on slower systems may not exceed one second. So in this case a laptop with a stripped-down video card GeForce 8600M GS was able to give in the first test, one frame per second, while the latter three. This is naturally not enough to get decent results, but allows you to enjoy the tech slide show.

Title: 3DMark Vantage v101_0906a
Year: 2009
Platform: Windows Vista / 7
System requirements:
Processor: Pentium ® 4 3.2 GHz or equivalent Athlon ® 64 3500 +
Memory: 1 GB of RAM
Language: English

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