Procaster 1.0.53

Procaster 1.0.53 | 7 MB

How to share screen work or play games with your current friends? Using webcam back then transmitted via the Internet certainly is not the solution or and effective. If you are looking for a utility to support their work this ProCaster choice is appropriate.
First download these programs, then click the SIGN UP button on the right corner of the homepage to create an account.

After installation and account creation is successful, you open up ProCaster, enter your username and password and click LOGIN button to sign up and start using the program.

To share a computer screen with everyone, click GO LIVE. If you're surfing the web, listening to music or watching movies, then select the type of screen display; if you're playing the game mode selection screen is a game back. Get invited to link people to channel MY CHANNELS, you click the player, then press the Copy button next frame CHANNEL PAGE LINK. Then, send this link to friends via email or chat.

When you start recording and screen the window will PROCASTER from frame to frame BROADCAST CHAT. Below left corner will display the screen working as your thumbnail, next to the clock display time back screen, frame, and Internet connection speed at that time. STOP button to stop recording your screen, right corner is a tool used to shrink, enlarge or reduce the screen size is returned.

Next, you visit sign with your account. Then, click the Watch button to start preview your screen is back. If there are other people involved CHANNELS My channels and are talking to you, then you can give them your screen.

If you do not want to share the screen or do not want to talk to, you click the STOP button to stop playing.

· 1.5GHz CPU
· 512MB RAM
· 64MB Video RAM
· 12MB Disk Space
· 150 KBps Internet Connection
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